Who We Are


Our Vision

To be a Christ-centered, vibrant downtown Christian community, reaching out to our families, friends, co-workers and neighbours.

Our Mission

To equip people to pursue intimacy with God, growing in fellowship towards becoming fruitful disciples who reach out by serving the needs of those around us.

Pursuing Intimacy with God

We are a community gathering together in services spoken in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin on Sundays. This way you can worship in a language you are comfortable with. Each service is slightly different in format, but the content and focus remains the same as we seek to pursue intimacy with God. Along with our services there are various other age specific ministries which also seek to pursue intimacy with God through different ways.

Growing in Fellowship

As we pursue intimacy with God through our services and ministries we join together to grow in our fellowship with one another. We have fellowships in different languages and would love to have you join us.

Serving Others

Through pursuing God and growing in fellowship we are compelled to reach out to others. We have many opportunities to serve others around us and invite you to be a part of them. 

Our Pastoral and Administrative Team


Rev. Stephen Ford
Senior Pastor

[email protected]
416.461.2907 x16


Peter Lau
Pastor of Teaching,
Next Generation Ministries &
Mandarin Ministry (Interim)

[email protected]
416.461.2907 x20


Andrew Snider
Pastor of Youth Ministry &
Morning Services (English)

[email protected]
416.461.2907 x17


Rev. Kai Kwong Ng
Pastor of Cantonese Ministry &
Midday Services (Cantonese)

[email protected]
416.461.2907 x15


Jody Chu
Pastor of Spiritual Formation & Discipleship

[email protected]

Cynthia Chen
Administrative Assistant

[email protected]
416.461.2907 x10