TCAC Summer Camp

Where kids LIVE, LEARN and LAUNCH!

Who We Are

Our Summer Camp is for kids who are entering Kindergarten-Grade 6 as of September 2017 (ages 4-11).* We strive to make this camp the best camp available regardless of location, price, or style. It is our joy to serve the community by giving kids an experience they will never forget. Our desire is for kids to LIVE, LEARN and LAUNCH!

*Weeks available for kids going into Kindergarten are Weeks 1 and 4. Also each child coming must have turned 4 before our camp begins.


We accept kids as they are, no strings attached. They do not have to look, act, or talk a certain way to come and be a part of our camp. They just have to be kids: the crazy, weird, different, loud, hyperactive beings they are.


We strive to teach them something. It would be a pretty boring camp if kids didn’t learn something. Whether it be a new skill, discovering a new talent, or understanding what friendship means we want kids to learn and leave with something new.


We want kids to go back into their sphere of influence and teach the acceptance they have felt as well as the skill, talent, or understanding they have learned.  We want them to LAUNCH back into where they live life and give back to others.

2018 Summer Director Positions
will be available in January.


2018 Weeks Coming Soon!

Registration is now closed.

Thanks to everyone who registered and came to our camp this year. It was an absolute blast. We hope to see you again next year!

Leadership in Training (LIT)

Every year we are excited to host our Leadership in Training (LIT) program in conjunction with our camp. LIT is for students entering grade 7 or 8 in September 2017 and it is a ton of fun. As we state every year we do the program, we give each participant a taste of leaders; 'we're just scratching the surface of the waters of leadership.'

LIT happens during the first 2 weeks of our camp. For those who are interested you can still ask your questions by emailing [email protected], however our application deadline has come and gone. Thanks to all those who did apply. To those who were accepted, it was a great year!

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