About In Person Worship v2

About Attending

Who can attend the in person services in this Stage One of reopening?

In this Stage One of our reopening, our services are for those who are 12 years-old and older who have been double vaccinated and for their under-12-year-old children who they wish to accompany them. Please note that in this Stage One no children's program will be provided and therefore the children will need to sit with their household for the service.

How many people can attend?

In Stage One of our reopening, there will 52 "household spaces" which people will have to reserve their spot (through an online means or by phone) before the service.

Other Information

For those planning to attend in person

Usual screening regarding COVID exposure and symptoms will be asked, masks will be required, and flow of movement indicated.

Initially there will only be main services provided - no Sunday school or nursery offered.

Service times will be the same as our present schedule

- 9:30 am English, 10:30 am Mandarin and 11:30 am Cantonese,

allowing for the streamed services to continue as is and provide time for necessary cleaning between services.

Do not come to an in person service IF . . .

If you are not double vaccinated, if you are vulnerable in any way, if your immune health is compromised, or if you develop any potential Covid symptoms, we would ask you to continue to remain away at this time and join our services through our live service Zoom link.

Sunday School Classes will be online

  • Youth Sunday School will continue to be offered online starting at 11:00.
  • Children's Sunday School and
  • Adult Sunday School will be offered online starting at 11:30.

On Sunday at TCAC


In order to provide a place for people to fellowship outside the church after each service, for at least the next few Sundays, no parking will take place in the TCAC parking lot. Please refer to the map below to guide you as to where to park.
Reminder: There is no parking on First Avenue before 10:00 am.

Sunday Parking Guide (Click Here)

Arrival for the In-Person Service

Please plan to arrive to the Sunday service at least 15 minutes before the service as you will be required to check-in for the service, confirming your attendance and that there is no change in your COVID situation.